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"I’m not dieting, the food is amazing, and I’ve lost 15 pounds in just two weeks!" - ANT

“So now I have no reason not to be healthy and feel better and stronger with everything I have been blessed with by The Doctors and Home Bistro.” - Tamika

The Emmy Award winning show "The Doctors" called and asked us to help, we said YES!

When The Doctor’s TV show called and asked us to help Tamika Cook, we said YES! Their prescription?  Home Bistro! Follow her journey to health and wellness  



Restaurant quality & all natural, 700 cal & 800 mg of sodium or less & packed with super foods - No Guilt.

Diets Don't Work!

Meals for a healthy lifestyle, whatever your dietary requirement -  NOT Diet Food.

Ready When You Are!

We do all the hard work so you've got more time for yourself, family & friends - Ready in Minutes.


We love food & love cooking - It's Gotta Taste Great!



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How Home Bistro Works

Recharge - Less than 700 Calories and 800 mg of sodium per meal

Busy? We’ll Help. You deserve it all: flavorful, healthy, easy, fast. We got busy so you can relax. Serve a delicious, healthy meal in under 10 minutes.

SAVOR - Chef prepared, locally sourced - only the finest ingredients.

We have introduced 9 new SUPERBowls. Our SUPERBowls give you the power to take back your lunchtime, thanks to their quick preparation and convenient portability. Whether you’re headed to the office or on-the-go elsewhere, packing one of these microwaveable bowls will allow you to prepare a healthy gourmet meal in mere minutes! Also great for dinner!


Watch to learn how to reheat and plate.  It's so easy even our CEO can do it!