Doctors Success Kit

Life is a journey.  We believe that journey starts at the dinner table.  And when our friends at the Emmy Award winning Doctors TV show use their talent and expertise to change the lives of their guests, they often turn to Home Bistro as the foundation for that change.  We said YES to them - And we say YES to you as well - start changing your life now - get 20% off with the code: DOCTORS20.
Home Bistro is NOT diet food, rather food for a healthy diet.  Based on the Mediterranean diet, and prepared with quality ingredients that are rich in nutrition and packed with super foods, our meals can be described as guilt-free, restaurant quality choices. We’ve put together a special series of menus for The Doctor’s show and you can JOIN THEM on their journeys to improved health.  Just start at Week 1 and be sure to order each additional week by Tuesday or Wednesday to make certain it’s available to you to start on the following Monday.  Check the tabs below to see what’s included each week. Each package includes 5 lunches and 5 dinners for ONE.
Start changing your life now - get 20% off with the code: DOCTORS20.

“Now I have no reason not to be healthy and feel better and stronger with everything I have been blessed with by The Doctors and Home Bistro.” - Tamika

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Doctors Success Kit

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The details:  We provide lunch (SuperBowls) and dinner (complete Entrees) five days a week – Monday through Friday.  The weekends belong to you – but try to eat healthy (mimicking Home Bistro is a good idea!)  Drink PLENTY of water throughout the day – and, for variety, infuse your water with slices of lemon, cucumber, grapefruit – and they have natural detoxifying power, plus it’s great for your skin and it helps fill you up.  Also, green tea is a healthy choice.  You can enjoy coffee in moderation.  Try to avoid fruit juices, sodas, and other sugary beverages. And yes, a glass of wine at dinner is fine.  Each morning, make a healthy breakfast - oatmeal, a couple of eggs a couple of times a week is fine. Add a slice or two of nitrate free CANADIAN bacon.   Peanut or almond butter (all natural) – on whole wheat toast.  Whole grain cereals, and 2% or less milk – or almond milk, soy milk.  Natural, plain yogurt (add fresh fruit).  And you can have fruit with cottage cheese as well.  Or make your own protein shakes – just be careful you get a good brand and that you use water, almond or soy milk rather than regular milk.  Whey Isolate protein is good for you.  Don’t choose brands with dextrins/maltodextrins (sweeteners made from starch) or added branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), as they help promote muscle growth and weight gain.  Between meals try an apple, pear, some grapes, a banana.  Or some hummus with pita chips or carrots/celery.  Anything healthy.  And keep up your exercise regiment – but try to mix it up a bit to create muscle confusion.  When we do the same routine day after day our body gets used to it.  YOU CAN DO THIS!



  • Number Of Servings:0 (0oz / 0g)
  • Calories:0
  • Calories From Fat:0 (0%)
  • Total Fat:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Saturated Fat:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Trans Fat:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Cholesterol:0mg (0% Daily Value)
  • Sodium:0mg (0% Daily Value)
  • Total Carbohydrates:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Dietary Fiber:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Sugars:0g
  • Protein:0g (0% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin A:0% Daily Value
  • Vitamin C:0% Daily Value
  • Calcium:0% Daily Value
  • Iron:0% Daily Value

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